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We strive to democratize industrial best practices to commercialize AI initiatives in the telecom sector . Our core value add is to unlock a one-stop-shop for knowledge, intelligence and insights across different dimensions of AI commercial ecosystem.

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Telecom sector continues to be under consolidation mode with ever-increasing cost-pressures. Whereas multi-billion dollar services and applications are being created on top of telecom infrastructure at the same time. Where did the telecom industry miss the trick? Is it too late now? How to tap into modern AI-driven business opportunities?

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Value-add for Your Business

Convert AI strategy and pilots to business value

Practical blueprint to connect isolated use cases to selling AI products and services

Augment current products with integrated AI services

Practical pathways to productization and commercialization of AI programs

Boost your Brand and be an AI thought leader

Utilize the curated and unique knowledge to your advantage, and be an AI authority in your field

Employ novel business models for AI offerings

Digital-native AI monetization models to translate technology innovation into revenue streams

Act on the right AI partnership and M&A opportunities

Build upon the commercial intelligence and market research to execute AI deals and JVs

Build organizational AI capabilities

Consume business-contextualized content for in-house capability development

Discover industry-specific AI insights

A one-stop-shop for discovering AI insights across the ecosystem relevant for your business

AI go-to-market strategies and new customer inroads

Translate technology into customer value add, and AI
business development strategies

Tap into latest AI technology landscape

Get the latest technological advances summarized for you - driivng your internal AI strategy


Products and Services

Knowledge Hub

Open and contineous stream of free content to get you started on AI commercialization journey.


Tecnuto Academy

Dedicated deep-drives on selected AI ecosystem themes with targeted outcomes like AI M&A blueprint, etc.


Consulting Services

Personalized support around AI business assessments, commercial processes, capability development, etc.

AInsights Liveboard

Telecom-specific one-stop-shop for everything-AI. Getting you a competitive advantage in your niche - stay tuned for updates


Tecnuto Academy

Self-service Training Modules - Learn at Your Own Pace

Business Development in Age of AI

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AI Capability Development

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AI Commercialization Pathways

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